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The San Joaquin County Community must come together and fight the disinformation campaign that is being waged by those who don’t want our women, people of color, LGBTQ and disabled to succeed. What’s in it for them? To spend less money on social services so they can give rich contracts to their friends and never solve our community’s problems. It keeps our people fighting over solutions while they steal from our wallets. We ask The Record to investigate and determine these facts to be truths and if such, call for a San Joaquin County Grand Jury investigation.

1)    Call on community to be more focused on what’s happening and get involved in a group or organization that is focusing on equality.

2)    Call on The Record to confirm all the facts as we have laid out and once confirmed publicly publish this information so that community is informed and call on the community to call for a Grand Jury Investigation

3)    Call on a Grand Jury to investigate the reason for Lincoln’s termination from his employer and if employees of the City of Stockton are at any risk from being under the command of Mr. Lincoln. We know that previously Mr. Lincoln stated to other officials he would never work with Sanchez.  So why the turn around? Does his cover up of his termination and its impact on his budding political career now compromising him to potential blackmail from Mr. Sanchez and 209 Times?  We also need a grand jury to investigate the legality of the $70 million Sheriff’s COVID reimbursement that was approved by Monica Neno, who also found expert legal advice to confirm the legality of a transaction that is in clear violation of federal law plus the instructions that came with Federal COVID funds.

4)    Call on International or State Union leadership to investigate CSEA Local 318/821 and Stockton Teachers Association relationships with 209 Times, Allen Sawyer (the formerly incarcerated political consultant that was jailed for actions with former Sheriff Baxter Dunn) and former Mayor and alleged accused repeated child endangering predator Anthony Silva. These horrible representatives of Labor now have a pattern of lying to their rank-and-file membership and are giving the rest of our labor movement a bad name. We need their rank and file to learn the truth and hold their leadership accountable.

5)    Call on the California Attorney General to investigate the corruption within union leadership and San Joaquin County and Stockton’s law enforcement officers as it pertains to the two stolen employee/contractor files.

We also encourage community to inform Mayor Kevin Lincoln’s staff of his corruption and to encourage and appeal to the staff’s integrity. To do this, your petition will also be sent to each of his staff: Dana Sovinec, formerly with Quail Lakes Baptist Church, Rajan Nathaniel who formerly served on the Board for California’s Correctional Officers and Civil Rights trailblazer and law enforcement/women’s right icon Nadeja Steager.

Please join our fight by calling on The Record by signing our petition today! Deadline is March 31st, 2021. Click here to sign. Research on this statement can be found here.