Should we begin to rethink our representatives, if the voices of the people are not being heard? Cynthia Gail Boyd, a Stockton resident was born and raised here. She is a 16 year veteran in the US Air Force Reserve. She plans to include Christina Fugazi and the City of Stockton in a civil lawsuit for dereliction of duties. Christina Fugazi is the vice mayor and the council member for District 5.Fugazi is apathetic and shows no empathy to what has happened to Cynthia Gail Boyd, her family, or her property during her term in office.

Ms.Boyd’s ordeal started on December 2nd, 2008. She wrote a letter to the city council about her community going from livable to a nightmare of property destruction and threats against her life.  She has lived in fear for her life for 13 years now from racist attacks from her neighbors. Within one of the letters, she had stated that her neighbors have been acting like gang members. She has replaced her living room window three times from terrorist neighbors. Cynthia has pleaded to Chief of Police; Eric Jones, the City Manager, each of the city council members, and especially to Christina Fugazi. Fugazi has been in her position for 6 years and about to term out. Within those 6 years, she could have spoken and taken actions to minimize damages and restore the peace she was supposed to. Ms. Boyd said the police have exacerbated the ongoing problem by not charging three neighbors who made false police reports. Those reports later resulted in three unwarranted restraining orders against her at the same time.

 On January 19, 2021, a supervisor and 5 officers responded to a false police call from her neighbor. They “staged” an ambulance and firetruck around her corner. Ms.Boyd experiences a medical emergency. She went to the firetruck using the universal signs in need of attention. Not only did the firemen refuse to check on her they even refused to call someone to help her. It wasn’t till she called 911 and got the help she needed. Her blood pressure and heart rate were quite alarming. It was a direct result of the unnecessary show of force by the police department.

In a recent email from the vice mayor, Christina Fugazi, she states “My oath of office is regarding the Constitution, not individual people.” Ms. Boyd corrected that by stating “If not to me then who do you serve?” Ms.Boyd is in the process of writing a book entitled  “Freedom Ain’t Free and Justice Cost Too Damn Much.”

Christina Fugazi has served as District 5’s councilmember for 6  years. Yet, one constituent isn’t pleased with her obligated services. Our voices are important as the people, and when it is not being heard then actions should be taken. If they won’t listen to one of our voices, what’s making them listen to any of our voices?