We here at San Joaquin County Together proudly support our County Nurses in their fight for a fair and reasonable contract. Nicholas Hatten joined the nurses at their strike rally at the county hospital and these are the thoughts he shared:
“I want to thank our nurses who have been exemplary during this pandemic while serving our most vulnerable of people. Specifically I want to thank the nurses who cared for my Mom’s cousins, three of whom passed away due to the pandemic and four who survived. I want to thank the nurses who cared for my dear friend Gilbert who’s family and friends miss dearly. I want to thank the nurses in NY who not only helped my best friend survive covid but cancer at the same time. I also want to thank the nurses that helped deliver Dyane and Gustavo’s new baby, Matteo. I also thank the nurses on the phone, online (hi Julie!) and on TV who have educated all of us so that when my brother and aunt became sick; we were able to help them recover without going to the hospital. Not only are you serving the needs of this pandemic but as you can hear from my thank yous, life goes on and its that intersectional care that you all are so skilled at that is deserving of our thanks and deserving of a fair contract.
Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. That’s a pretty major judeo-christian tenant, right? It also doubles as a core value for nurses. Well i’m here today to not only thank you my siblings but also to draw the line in the sand. To the three cisgender caucasian males who serve on our Board of Supervisors—who love to legislate by throwing their values in our face. To the one brown cisgender male on the board who continually votes with the other three males, I say to you, be consistent. love thy neighbor! In good faith, vote in support of a generous contract for our nurses that says thank you for your service. Let me repeat that, vote in support of a generous contract that says thank you for your service. After all, it’s the judeo-christian thing to do.
Here’s the deal my siblings, we progressive activist within San Joaquin County are here for you and we are here for you for the long haul. We are here to make sure that our County Board of Supervisors has a majority vote that are committed to fair labor contracts. I am here on behalf of San Joaquin County Together, a new organization committed to educating the public about the important difference between county, city and local board governance. Our top priority is walking San Joaquin County residence through how much money the county has and how they have historically waisted, not spent or misused funds. This is our pathway to fair contracts at the county level.
So one last time: Thank you nurses for what you have done for my friends and family during this pandemic and what you do 365 days of the year for all of San Joaquin County This is your time! Let us work together to make sure that all people of San Joaquin County support your efforts.’
Best of luck and remember, we are here for you!”
~Nicholas Hatten