Women of Color

The San Joaquin County United Woman of Color Movement was formed following a phenomenal gathering of local female leaders of color for a virtual townhall called: San Joaquin County Woman of Color Rise!

Solidarity: San Joaquin County Woman of Color Rise!

The Women of Color Rise event inspired the panelist to action and they are in the early planning stage of creating an ongoing platform that will address gender parity and supporting San Joaquin County women of color. For the 2020 general election, the San Joaquin County United Women of Color created a candidate survey that was submitted to every candidate who appeared on the San Joaquin County Register of voters list: SJ Gov

Original message that was sent to all candidates running for office using the following list courtesy of the San Joaquin County Registrar of Office
Greetings Candidate-

We, the San Joaquin County United Women of Color congratulate you in your choice to run for public service and possibly serve our community. As a voter guide for the diverse female population in San Joaquin County, we request that you complete the following questionnaire. Please copy and paste the appropriate questions and submit your responses to [email protected]

Completed questionnaires will be made available for public view at www.howsanjoaquinworks.com. This questionnaire is for information purposes only and endorsement of candidates will be made.

Please direct all questions to that email or contract Katrina at (209) 981-7890.

Thanks to the following candidates for completing our very first candidate questionnaire

Van Ha To Cowell, Delta Trustee Candidate

Jennifer Torres-O’Callaghan, Lathrop City Council Candidate

Paul Akinjo, California State Assembly Candidate

Kelly Marable, Lodi Unified School District Trustee

Kathy Miller, California State Assembly Candidate, AD13 (Miller Prospectus)